Petzl Volt Wind Harness

Petzl Volt Wind Harness

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Petzl Volt Wind Harness

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Fall arrest and work positioning harness for the wind power industry with attachment point for vertical progression on rail or cable.

The VOLT WIND fall-arrest and work positioning harness is very easy to don, thanks to the FAST LT PLUS and FAST LT automatic buckles that allow the harness to be donned with feet on the ground. Wide, semi-rigid waistbelt and leg loops give excellent support. Its lightweight, breathable construction maximizes air flow. Its LADDER CLIMB attachment point allows for ventral attachment of the fall-arrest trolley, ensuring optimal comfort during progression. It has wear protectors on the waistbelt and dorsal point to limit wear when moving about inside the wind turbine tower. It is certified to European and Russian standards.

Certification(s): CE EN 361, CE EN 358, EAC
Material(s): nylon, polyester, aluminum, steel.
Waist belt: 83-120 cm
Leg loops: 50-65 cm
Stature: 175-200 cm
Weight: 2180 g
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Ekskl. moms: 2.570,00 DKK Inkl. moms: 3.212,50 DKK


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