Viking Constant Wear Immersion Suit

Viking Constant Wear Immersion Suit

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Varenummer: PS4116-Y
Viking Constant Wear Immersion Suit

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Newly developed dual approved SOLAS/MED and ISO/CE constant wear suit developed for multiple applications, including the offshore windfarm sector. Designed to improve wearer fit and comfort the PS4116 allows for best-in-class ergonomics and visibility. Built with top of the line Gore-Tex Narvik fabric, the PS4116 allows for enhanced breathability and wearer comfort and overall safety. Low profile neoprene cuffs makes donning and doffing easy, while improving the comfort level for the user. Feature package includes reflective piping, choice of footwear, 3-finger glove and integrated hood.

Key features:

  • Dual approved towards both SOLAS/MED and ISO/CE

  • Extended zipper for comfort and easy donning

  • Aquaseal zipper for easy maintenance

  • Made from waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX®­ Narvik with stretchy fabric panels for enhanced ergonomics, comfort and freedom of movement

  • Knees reinforced with CORDURA® and DuPontTM Kevlar®

  • Enhanced fit and visual appearance

  • High-visibility yellow enhances your chance of being spotted by SAR crews in case of a MOB emergency

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